7 Free Tools To Get More Social Media Traffic

get more traffic from social media

Getting Social Media traffic can be difficult. Why is this? The algorithms that the Social sites adopt are really tough and it’s getting harder to get traffic from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and, indeed, every other social media site.

Fortunately, there are some tools that can help get more traffic from Social Media. If you already get a ton of traffic from Facebook for example, these tools may not be of interest to you. But if they help you get even more, then you may be advised to read on. These tools will help you get traffic from all the primary social sites.

Social Media Traffic Tools To Take Notice Of

The 7 tools to help grow your Social Media Traffic are:

  1. Hootsuite.

    Hootsuite has been around for a long time, but it’s surprising how many people don’t use it. Hootsuite allows you to schedule your social content. Not only can you share content on all social sites easily and a few clicks, but you can also schedule content many months ahead. This is important because sharing your content six times a year on Twitter for example (instead of just once as most do), that same content can get roughly two to three times more traffic. This simple strategy works well and well worth doing. Remember when you share content most of the people won’t see it. There’s nothing wrong with sharing that content three, four, five, six, seven times through the year.
    You can share content once every 2 months, which would be around six times a year. It’s a good strategy if the content remains relevant.

  2. ManyChat

    If you’re struggling to get traffic from Facebook, ManyChat can help deal with that. It’s a chatbot tool that leverages Facebook Messenger and what you’ll find is click through and open rates are crazy! According to Neil Patel it beats email. He also said: “If you want easy traffic leverage ManyChat. What it’ll do is when people come to your website they can subscribe to you through Facebook Messenger and then when you have a blog post or message you can push it out through ManyChat. You’ll get open rates above 60% and you’ll get click through rates well above 30, 40, 50%. The numbers are crazy, over time it drops down, but even when it drops down you’ll still see your click through rate above 30%. It’s that effective.” Thanks Neil for the insight.

  3. Buzzsumo.

    You write a lot of content, yet you see that nobody is sharing or commenting on it. You need engagement to grow your reach, so what can you do?
    Buzzsumo is an ideal tool to help with this problem. It shows you popular articles within your niche market and the not so popular ones too. Look through the most popular topics and adapt your content to match those topics. Then promote that new content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and again you’ll get more traffic. Writing .content that people show a real interest in and want to read can only be a positive for your traffic generation.

  4. SocialBlade.

    SocialBlade is a site that many people know about that works well with YouTube. The thing is, they do much more than YouTube.
    They do Instagram, they do Twitter; in fact, they do all the major social sites out there. SocialBlade will show you your subscriber growth over time as well as how much content you’re sharing. It can help you find patterns on things like if I send out five tweets, will I get more followers than when I send out just one tweet.
    You can also use with YouTube to monitor how many subscribers you get based on how much content you are producing. This can help you to optimize your efforts and how much content you need to create to get the maximum amount of followers and subscribers.

  5. Hello Bar.

    What does HelloBar have to do with social media? Well, it helps you to collect emails from your website. Also, in the first hour of posting your content on any of the social sites, if that content does well, there is a good chance it can go viral.
    Use HelloBar to collect emails from your website, then when pushing out content on the social sites, you can send out an email to your subscribers pointing them in the direction of that content. You may say “Go check out this post on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.” This could help you get more likes, retweets and shares that could see your content go viral.

  6. Subscribers.

    Subscribers is a little like HelloBar with a slight difference. It doesn’t collect emails, but it helps to collect browser notification subscribers. When people are browsing your site on Chrome for example, they can click one button to subscribe and you can use push notifications to tell them about new content. You can even push them to the social sites where you share your content. Again, if this is done in the first hour after you release and share the content, you can get more likes and shares to possibly see it go viral.

  7. Zoho Social.

    Zoho Social is a tool that enables you to work with team members. It also helps you with keyword research. Using Zoho Social will help you determine what keyword you need to be targeting when you’re going after these social sites. If you’re not using the correct keywords in your titles, descriptions, and inside your text you’ll find that fewer people will see it. Many people are doing internal searches on the social sites. An example is a lot of people use Twitter search. By using the right keywords, you’ll get more

So there you go. I hope these 7 free tools will help you to get a lot more traffic from the social sites. It would be good to know what you think about getting more social media traffic, so please feel free to comment.