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A Simple Guide To Social Media Marketing

Everyone knows how big social media is. It’s FULL of opportunity for marketers all over the world! In this guide we will show you how to take advantage of the great opportunity that is social media marketing

The History Of Social Media and The Internet…

Social media is the fastest growing trend in history! FACT!!

It has grown faster than the internet itself. It does, however, rely on the internet to exist!

So, how does the growth actually shape up?

After it’s conception, the internet reached just over 1 billion users in 10 years. This chart shows us the figures:

internet users history

Pretty impressive when you think about it. The internet reached nearly 1 in 6 people of the world population within 10 years!

You think that’s good? What about reaching one in five people within nine years?

Facebook opened its doors to the general public in September 2006 and has more than 2 billion monthly active users!!  Check out the current figures here.

The world population may have grown to over 7.5 billion, 1 in 4 people of the world population has a Facebook account. Since 2005 the internet users have grown to just over 4 billion, so HALF of the numbe internet users are on Facebook!

Facebook is taking over the world! Take a look at the graph below to see how many people actively use the platform, the percentages for most countries are pretty amazing.

Facebook Users

If users were citizens and Facebook a country, it would be the biggest in the world! Because of its “social” properties, you could say it’s more connected.

Scary thing is, we haven’t discussed the other platforms yet!!!

It’s hard to think of the numbers here, or anywhere. They are staggering!

Consider that most people will be using social media on a DAILY basis, even though many of the stats we see are based on MONTHLY usage.

In fact, people use these platforms every day and in most cases, several times a day.

SM User stats

These days people like to keep with their messages and what’s going on with their friends. Hence, they check, check, and check again.

With mobile apps so readily available for every social media platform and people being so addicted to their mobile phones (there is a “phobia” attached to it, which is the fear of not being near your mobile phone. It’s called nomophobia), social media is now an incredible marketing opportunity.

If you’re not using social media marketing already, you need to learn how to or be left behind.

In this post you will learn what the 12 most popular social media platforms are and how to build a successful social media marketing strategy for each. There are plenty of places to learn more about these, so I intend to point you in the right direction to find out more.

Here is a table of contents so you can jump to the section you’re interested in:

Let’s get started…


Wikipedia defines social media marketing as “the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.”

Pretty obvious, but there is MUCH more to it than that!

Social Media Marketing is the process of content creation, tailored to each social media platform and their context. The aim is to drive user engagement and sharing, leading to a connection with the people who follow you and love your content…

Your social media marketing efforts, when done correctly, will bring you traffic to your content. You need to know what the best content is for each as well as the type of person that is likely to be on that social media platform. You gaining traffic is only the result of social media marketing.

Every one of these platforms is different. One has video as its dominant form, another blog content and another images.

You need to know the difference between each of these platforms. Each of these require different strategies to make them effective for you and your business.

Everyone who uses these social media platforms for marketing wants their content to go viral, but you need to be aware of the techniques for each of them to get the best from your content.

Your content MUST be engaging or your strategy will fail. If you have content that engages people so well they want to share it, you will be on the right track.

Think of it in this simple way:

  • Lots of shares or viral content, traffic back to your site.
  • No shares, no viral content, no traffic


Most of the time we hear about same few social networks. There are a lot more than just those

Wikipedia has a list of over 200.

Here is a good overview as shown on “The Conversation Prism” graphic.

conversation prism

This list is, not surprisingly, entirely different from the first version of this graphic from 2008.

Every version shows around 200 services, but when they update every 2-3 years, the people compiling this list usually remove over 100 social media platforms and then add another 100.

Social media is constantly changing, so when starting out, start with the ones that are secure and been around for years.

You may be able to get onto a platform that appears to be the “new Facebook” or “better than anything ever seen before”, which can pay off. IF you’re right that is! There is nothing wrong with trying something out, but you need to be on the “tried and trusted” platforms as a matter of course.

What are the terms you’re likely to find on social media?

Content: Content is whatever you post. This could be a Facebook status update, a photo on Instagram, a Twitter “tweet”, and image pinned on a board on Pinterest, and so on.

The above graphic shows you the different forms of content and the need to custom-tailor it to each platform.

There is something FAR more important than content…

jokes on Twitter

Context: Gary Vaynerchuk said that if content is king, then context is god. It’s good to share a joke, but placing it inside a 3,000-word blog post, very few people will see it. If you post it on Twitter, you may see great results!

The opposite is true too. Because of the limit of 240 characters (used to be 140, so we have more to play with now), it’s unrealistic to tweet a whole blog post. The best way to get over this is by using relevant hashtags and a good call to action.

Which handily brings us to…

Hashtags: Hashtags are very common on social media and are used to add meta information, which means they aid you with search (much like keywords on Google). Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all use hashtags that enables you to describe the topic of your content or mark it as part of current trends in mostly just one word.

Your content is easier for users to find and therefore more likely that it will be shared.

Shares: Shares in the social media world are like currency in the real world. Shares are what help to get you noticed and raise your profile and engagement to a wider audience.

You will no doubt be informed about impressions, click-through rates, and potential reach, but none of these will show whether your content has been shared.

It’s great when people engage and interact with your content, but if they share it, that is when you know your content is hitting the spot.

One of the best tools to research and monitor shares and the overall impact of content is BuzzSumo:

Most Shared posts

The more shares you get, the more people love your content. It’s the best engagement that you can get.

Engagement: This is the general way to say that people interact with your content. This can be a like, a recommend, a comment, or a share. All are good, but the shares are what you’re after.

Social media marketing trends

The social media changes faster than anything else online.

Keeping up with it isn’t easy.

Here are a few trends you need to take note of. These are unlikely to change (we will explain why) now and these trends will likely impact not only this year, but future years too.

They are:

  • Organic reach is down
    It’s not that long ago that any social media user could post great content and their social media following would grow.
    After a while, their friend requests would be going up as would comments, shares, and “likes,” all because their content is so engaging.
    How things change!!
    In fact, it’s getting harder and harder to build an organic following on social media.
    What’s more, this is deliberate and planned.
    Why is this? (As the ability for organic superstars to shine goes down, something else goes up.)
    They want you to pay for ads!
    Take a look at this graph that shows organic reach on Facebook:

Facebook organic reach declining

See how organic reach on Facebook is declining?

This is of course, just Facebook. Truth be known, it’s the same for every social media platform. It’s more difficult to get the organic reach because they need businesses to spend more money on ads.
Facebook is making algorithm changes regularly. In fact, just ONE change led to a 52% drop in organic reach per post in just a few months.

Facebook Algorithm

One important thing to remember is that Social Media companies are BUSINESSES.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et al are in business to make money!
They achieve that by connecting you with people who buy ad space. They offer FREE accounts to everyone, but they need to generate income, so how else are they going to do that?

Taking all these things into consideration, you need to work out what works best for you and what doesn’t.

  • Social is Still Social, but with the need to “pay to play”
    Because organic reach is more difficult to achieve, it’s hoped that businesses will pay for ads to increase their following.
    Because of the time it takes to build up an organic following, the more it costs in labour. Therefore, Facebook (and the others) are “banking” on their ads working out cheaper in the long term.
    As the algorithms are tailored more towards paid and less organic “connection”, business will continue to pay to grow their reach.
    No wonder ad spend on social media is on rising fast! Advertising budgets for social media doubled from 2014 to 2016.
    Not surprising, AND it makes sense considering, as stated previously, the social media companies make nearly all of their money from advertisements.Facebook Revenue with social media marketing
    It seems, with all of these things in mind, to prevent users being charged for their accounts, they remain free for users because of the advertising revenue is so much.
    In fact, the user of the platform is their product.
    So, in order to be able to influence them to do business with you, you have to pay.
    The good thing, if there is one, is that it need not be a big problem. This is because most of the social media companies charge very reasonable rates. If you structure your ads and target them properly, you can spend very little for each lead and often get very good ROI.
    In fact, the better your ad, the less it will cost.
  • Channels are merging
    As entrepreneurs create social media websites, the possibilities become increasingly endless.
    And that trend isn’t slowing down. As new ways of communicating, reaching customers, and pulling leads develop, so do strategies that are equally innovative.
    Take, for instance, cart abandonment emails.
    Once, the only place to send and receive cart abandonment messages was through email.
    You’d receive something like this in your inbox.Email from ecommerce store
    You don’t have to just rely on email, because the Facebook Messenger is evolving into more of a marketing tool, both it, and other messaging platforms, are becoming just as viable an option.
    Methods are changing, channels are changing and the way businesses and marketers use them is changing too.
    As all of these social media platforms evolve, you can expect more and more “multi channel” merging to evolve too.
  • Tools are merging
    It’s not only the channels that are merging. The tools available to us are also merging.
    How often do you login to a website or online store with Google or Facebook for example? How many services have you signed up for with them? It’s so much easier than creating the account from “scratch” and having to verify email and all that jazz.
    As more tools become available, it could become a lot more cluttered for the users of such tools.
    But, as luck would have it, the developers of these marketing tools are working to integrate them seamlessly with the giants of advertising.
    A good example is MailChimp.
    Within MailChimp, an email autoresponder service provider, users can create Facebook Ads natively from their MailChimp accounts.
    This gives them the opportunity to target their email subscribers or even create a “lookalike” audience current subscribers.mailchimp Facebook IntegrationAs SaaS companies integrate more with social media platforms, the easier it will be to market to your target audience.
    With this in mind, it’s beneficial to business to have the merging of tools online.
    This isn’t likely to slow down for a while.
    Considering all of these trends, let’s take a look at the most popular social media platforms, as well as some that are expected to join in the party.

In each case we will look at the history, the context of each and how to come up with great content for each.

Let’s get started with the biggest one, Facbook!


History: Facebook is so big and such an “icon” that there was, as you may already know, a movie made about its formation and development. To many social media IS Facebook.

Originally, the site was only made available to Harvard students when Mark Zuckerberg and his co-founders created the site in a Boston dorm room in 2004.

They quickly came to see the site’s potential.

They expanded to Ivy League colleges and a few others, and, because of its success, eventually opened Facebook to everyone in 2006. You know how much Facebook has exploded from that point.

It’s now the biggest social media network, offering marketers the best data and most targeted ads system. You can “drill down” your target to find out what toothpaste they use it’s that specific.

Using Facebook Ads to create your core target. In the image below, you can see just how specific you can be, but be aware that being TOO specific may mean your ads can’t be shown. You need to learn how to target your ads correctly to get the best from them.

Facebook Ads Example

Context: You have a lot of freedom to post content on Facebook. Images, videos, and text posts all work. Facebook will give more importance, however, to content that is kept “within the platform”.

What this means is, instead of posting a link to a YouTube video, upload the same video to Facebook’s own platform. If you want to build your email list by sending people to a giveaway or landing page, publish  as a tab inside your fan page.

Facebook wants people on Facebook, so do your best to keep your audience there as long as possible. This will also help what is known as your “edge rank”. This is where you have great interaction on your page and Facebook sees it as valuable enough to show other people. It takes some work, but the rewards are evident when successful. I recommend some great training on building your social media following and influence. Check it out here.

Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager tool is your first port of call if you want to start advertising on Facebook.

You keep everything in one place and you can manage your ads, pages, and people.

It’s free and easy to use.

Head over to Facebook Business Manager. Click “Create Account” in the top right-hand corner.

Facebook Business Manager for Ads

When this overlay pops up, enter your business name and click “Continue.”

Create Business Manager Account

Now enter your name and your business email, then click “Finish.”

Create Your Business Profile

That’s it! Don’t look for any more because there isn’t any.

Now you can see your Business Manager dashboard. Look around to get a feel for what it does and how it helps you.

Set up Business Manager Facebook

With this tool you have the ONE place you need to manage your performance. It’s easier that moving from tab to tab in your browser. If you’re serious about Facebook ads, this tool is essential for you.

Advertising options

The best thing about Facebook is how specific you can be when targeting your ideal customer.

It’s possible to target people based on their demographic, device, age, interests, and much more.

This will benefit you in a big way!

You take time creating your perfect customer and building up their avatars right? Most marketers do.

Facebook allows you to put those things into action.

You first choice when creating a Facebook advertising campaign is your goal.

Do you want to drive traffic to your website, get conversions, promote your Facebook Page, get engagement on your post, or something else?

Just select the one you want.

Choose FB AD Campaign for Social network marketing

Next, you get to choose your audience based on their location, age, gender, language, interests, behaviours, and connections.

Choose audience Facebook Ads

You can add in your connection type (Facebook Pages, Apps, Events) and where you want your ad placement to be.

Facebook recommends using auto ad placement, but if you disagree, you can decide where you want your ads to be placed.

Some social media platforms will make these decisions for you. Facebook, however, lets you choose because they know you can do the best job of finding your ideal customers.

You know your target market better than anyone.

Lookalike Audiences

So, you have found the perfect audience and you’re bringing in lots of traffic, leads and sales. What next?

You want to make the most of your campaign after the time it took you to find your perfect advertising audience.

Facebook has a feature that offers you “lookalike audiences”, which enables you to leverage further.

Lookalike Audience Facebook Social Media Marketing

A lookalike audience is designed to mimic the characteristics of one of your current audiences.

For example, should you have an audience that is performing exceptionally well, you can create a similar audience that should perform well too.

Advertisers LOVE this feature because it cuts down on time when finding and expanding your target market.

Take full advantage of it!

Instagram integration

A very useful feature is the ability to run the same ad on Instagram by clicking a button and checking a couple of boxes.

This means you have ads on BOTH platforms with no extra work!

Just click the Instagram ad placement button and select “Feed,” “Stories,” or both.

Instagram Integration Facebook Marketing

If you have a highly visual ad with a target market of younger people, it may be useful to use this automatic integration.

A great way of expanding your reach and network with no extra effort.

Facebook Live

People love LIVE video. Recent statistics indicate that more people watch LIVE video than watch recorded video now.

Facebook live is taking full advantage of this trend, and people LOVE it!

Video marketing is one of the most potent and effective marketing strategies. But, with live video now coming to the forefront and more appealing, it’s time to bite the bullet as marketers and do it.

What makes live video so appealing?

Perhaps because it’s “raw” and people mess up more. Perhaps it helps people connect more with the presenter. Perhaps it’s just there is no transparency?

It doesn’t really matter, the reality is, it’s now the IN thing because people enjoy LIVE more than the more traditional videos.

According to Facebook live video increases reach by 14.6 times compared to normal image posts.

Facebook Live and Social Media Marketing

Also, Facebook users spend three times longer watching live videos than they do pre-recorded videos.

In fact, according to the Delhi School of Internet Marketing, 100 MILLION hours are spend watching video on Facebook Every Day!

With more engagement, AND the fact that people watch live for longer than the alternative video content, it’s got to be something you need to consider.

Live video is still in early development, and so it’s ready for you to take advantage of it too.

Additional content:


Twitter was founded in March 2006 by Jack DorseyNoah GlassBiz Stone, and Evan Williams. Launched in July that year quickly gained worldwide popularity.

Twitter’s growth was pretty rapid. With 400,000 tweets posted each quarter in 2007. In 2008, this grew to 100 million per quarter. By February 2010 it went up to 50 million a day!

In 2012, more than 100 million users posted 340 million tweets a day, and the platform handled an average of 1.6 billion search queries per day.

In 2009, Twitter moved up from 22nd to 3rd in the highest ranking social media sites.

In 2010, Twitter redesigned the homepage and called it “new Twitter” and phased out “old Twitter”.

The platform continued to grow and purchased many smaller internet based companies as they moved on through 2013 and beyond. The most well known was that of Periscope in March 2015.

Twitter stats - users 2014

In late October, 2014, Twitter partnered with IBM. This is designed to help businesses use Twitter data to understand their customers, businesses and other trends according to the intention of this partnership.

Later in 2015, growth noticeably slowed. In September 2016 there were reports of takeovers, which led to a 20% rise in share value. Nothing came of anything despite the directors being open to offers.

Twitter further revamped the dashboard to improve user experience.

During prominent events, usage “spikes” on Twitter. During the 2010 Fifa World Cup for example, fans were posting 2,940 tweets a second!

Twitter was the largest source of breaking news during the US presidential election in 2016. By 10pm (Eastern Time) on election day, 40 million tweets had been posted relevant to the election.

Also, by 2016, Twitter had more than 319 million active users.

Here is an overview of users by country:

twitter stats - users 2016

Growth has “flattened out” a little since 2016, but according to Statista, this is where we are as of the end of the first quarter of 2018:

statista twitter - users 2018

Context: It wasn’t clear what Twitter was initially. It was called a social network, or even a microblogging platform. It was difficult to define. They were on a path of discovery, that’s for sure!

But, as we now understand it…

Twitter is an online news and social networking service on which users post messages (known as tweets). Initially tweets were restricted to 140 characters (doubled in Nov 2017 for all languages except for Japanese, Korean and Chinese), which was one the “charms” of Twitter. This limit of characters makes it sure that people who “tweet” get straight to the point and yet are still engaging. This is not that easy to do, but when you get it right, the “retweets” (Twitter’s method of sharing) will help to expand your reach. This is because your content is shared with all followers who retweet your content.

All tweets can be read by anyone, but only registered users can Tweet their own content.

Marketing on Twitter

The thing to remember on Twitter is that things move very quickly. It is, however, a great place to grow your business.

The lifespan of one tweet is around 18 minutes. At the time of writing this Over 8,100 new tweets are being posted every single second.

The life of one tweet is 4 times shorter than anything posted on Facebook.

Because of this very short time span, you need to be sure you stand out from the crowd. You need to be creative, so your messages stick and you don’t get lost in all the other activity going on.

twitter social media marketing

When marketing on Twitter, you need to have content that quickly gets people’s attention and prompts a call to action.

But it can be hard to know which strategies work and what is a waste of time. Thankfully, with the help of this guide, you won’t have to spend any time working that out.

Here are some great Twitter tactics for you to adopt:

  1. Choose the right handle, profile photo, and header image

    Your Twitter “handle” needs to be easy-to-remember and short enough for people to tag you easily.
    It’s important because people search for you, the results will show your handle to get to your page.
    It’s important to be consistent on all social media networks. What this means is you need to use the same name as you do on other platforms. If you have a brand, then use that name consistently across
    This makes it easier for people to find you and avoid confusion.
    Take H&M. the clothing and personal accessories store. The “&” character cannot be used in a handle, so it was shortened to just “@hm.” (Another example is B&Q, who use @BandQ)

    H&M Profile logoBecause “H&M” is already catchy, short, and easy-to-remember, it makes sense to have the very simple “@hm” handle.

    This is used consistently across all of H&M’s social media accounts. Nothing is added and because of this consistency, their pages are easy to find.

    If you’re just starting out, be sure to choose your handle that’s as close to your brand name as possible.

    If you are branding “you”, it may be difficult because of the number of people who share your name, but keep it as close as you can (mine is BarrieEvansSW because my name was taken).

    Don’t include numbers or punctuation marks that have no relevance if possible too.

    Keep your handle as short as you can. By using a short Twitter name, it’s more likely you’ll get @mentions from other users and brands.

    Because of the character limit, it’s unlikely long Twitter handles will be mentioned.

    It’s possible that potential customers will interact more with you on Twitter than with a physical store.

    It’s important to have a recognisable profile picture, that is also easy to remember.

    Many will use a logo, which nurtures brand awareness.

    When someone interacts on your Twitter account, they will become more familiar with your logo and, when they see it elsewhere, will recognise it.

    Many large brands understand how important consistent branding is. They almost always use a logo as their profile image.
    virgin profile logo

    Even Harrods do it:

    harrods profile logo

    Because people can see your logo on different kinds of device, be sure that the image stays clear when compressed. Keep it clean and simple.
    If you are branding yourself, be sure to use a quality, professional headshot instead. This is important when using a personal branding account.

    headshot twitter profile pic

    Your header of your profile page should also be used to promote brand awareness.
    These places are at the top and the first things people see. For this reason, you need to be creative and “show off” your brand message and personality, something like Target.

    Target Twitter header

    The image immediately catches the eye, and it’s fun. It even includes the logo as a background.
    Twitter is a great place to improve your branding, so don’t treat these opportunities as an afterthought. Doing this could see you losing out on big opportunities to get new customers.
  2. Optimize your bio to showcase your brand’s personality

    Your Twitter bio shows up under your profile picture. It’s a 160-character location to showcase you or your company. It needs to be compelling and simple.

    Explain who you are in a couple of short sentences. If you can include something that’s important to you, that’s good too.

    This is what my Twitter bio looks like:
    My Twitter Profile
    It explains who I am, what I do and what I like to do.

    Here are some things to think about when creating your bio:

    • Be truthful. Tell people exactly who you are and about what your brand is.
    • Put in some personality or humour if possible. Never be afraid to tell a joke or be original.
    • Don’t be afraid to brag a bit. If your brand has achieved some great things, tell people.
    •  Have thousands of existing customers? Tell people.
    •  Stay targeted. Write a bio attracts people who fit into your target market.
    • Add relevant hashtags so people can find your account when searching for those terms.
    • Tag other brands that you may be associated with your bio if appropriate.
  3. Tweet during peak hours

    Users on Twitter are more active at certain times of the day or week. This means they will be more likely to engage with your tweets.

    You need to research and identify those times so you can get more impressions, boost engagement and get more clicks.

    Buffer says tweets posted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday have higher CTRs than Tweets posted on other days of the week.

    tweet at peak times

    According to some studies, the best time to post is between 12 PM and 6 PM. Others suggest that between 12 PM and 3 PM on Monday through Friday works better.

    All these things depend on your specific audience. It’s best to test how your content performs at different times and days to find out what will work best for you.

    A good idea is using scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts to go live at your own peak hours, that you have found out during testing, ahead of time.

    schedule Twitter tweets

    Make sure you use the right hashtags whenever you post.
  4. Keep hashtag use to a minimum (and use the right ones)

    Tweets containing hashtags get 2x more engagement than those that don’t.

    Interesting though is that tweets with more than two hashtags have a drop in engagement by 17%.
    Use right hashtags on twitter

    It’s important to use the right hashtags but without overusing them.

    Hashtags that add some context are the type to use in your tweets.

    Look for your most popular hashtags using Twitter analytics.

    find most popular hashtags

    By using a tool like Hashtagify you can find the best hashtags for your tweets. The tool suggests hashtags based on the keywords you enter.

    With Hashtagify, it’s also possible to determine the strength of your hashtags before you use them. That way you know which ones work best before tweeting them out.

    find best hashtags

    RiteTag is an alternative that works similarly to Hashtagify.
  5. Try advanced search

    It would be good to find people interested in your services or products right now, wouldn’t it?

    Or find out what people are saying about your brand?

    It’s fortunate that you can use Twitter advanced search to do just that!

    You can find potential customers by searching though specific search terms instead of sending out promotional tweets or just targeting your existing ones.

    It you’re an electrician for example, search for terms like “electrician,” “electrical contractor,” or “fix my electrics” in your area.

    twitter advanced search

    It’s very possible you’ll find at least one tweet from a person looking for an electrician in your region or perhaps having a problem with another in your area.

    Advanced search puts new leads in front of you. You can reach out to those people and tell them help them to fix their problem.

Adding images to tweets increases retweets

Adding images to your tweets can lead to more retweets (shares) and clicks than tweets without them.

Statistics show that tweets with images generally get 89% more “likes” or favourites.

image likes on twitter

Adding relevant, high quality and compelling images is important, so be sure to do that.

Never add an image just for the sake of it. It won’t help to post a non-relative image to your tweet.

Tweeting about a recent blog post? Put in an image from the article and a link where users can get more info.

You may want to tweet about a new product or service. If so, you can include an image to showcase it.

If you have a promotional deal to show where followers can get discounts. You can use a service like Canva to create a simple graphic and add it to your tweet.

Twitter marketing offer image

  1. For even more engagement use Twitter video

    Images get lots more attention than text, but videos always outperform images.

    With Twitter video, you can record a new video from a device or upload an existing video.

    You can add a branded video like this one from Michael Kors that could get you more attention.

    twitter branded video

    AdWeek says that videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted than photos and 3x more than GIFs.

    Video is an effective way to share new information with followers, share behind-the-scenes content, generate emotion, and give your tweets a longer lifespan.

    You can also use the live video feature. These videos are automatically posted as tweets and are available to be watched after the live broadcast ends.
  2. Interact with followers using Polls

    A great way (and simple too) to get more activity on your Twitter page is by creating a Twitter poll.

    Simply click the button you click to add a new tweet, then click on the poll icon at the bottom of the screen.

    Then add your question and choices.

    use polls on twitter

    Polls are not only fun for followers to complete, they can be used for consumer and market research, get feedback and initiate engagement (and conversation) with followers.

    Anyone can create a poll. Creating unique and engaging questions will take a little time and thought.

    Research other brands that are using polls consistently and successfully to get some ideas and inspiration. Airbnb is a good example.

  3. Use creative CTAs (over and above asking users to retweet)

    The whole focus of Twitter marketing, like any other social media marketing, is to generate more sales, leads, clicks, and increase downloads.

    Creating posts to attract a response, when used every now and then, can boost your engagement in a huge way. Adding a relevant CTA to a few tweets is the quickest way to achieve this.

    You may already be using CTAs asking users to retweet, which is great. That isn’t the only CTA that you should be using on Twitter.

    Tell people what to do, but do it with relevance and use phrases like:

    • Follow us
    • Visit our site
    • Shop our sales
    • Download here
    • Learn more

    Passion Planner CTAs well, like in this tweet that tells followers about a sale with the CTA “Shop Now!”:

    effective twitter cta

    If you have an app, tell people when you release a new update. Cookie Run does this often.

    We all know how many people love “freebies”, so use “free” as often as possible too.

    The use of these effective action words and rotating CTAs will help get more engagement and boost your CTR, send more traffic to your website, generate leads, increase downloads, and boost sales.
  4. Use Twitter to double A/B test headlines

    Twitter is by far the best network to test headlines.

    Using Twitter to test headlines is good because the visual elements aren’t as influential as they are on somewhere like Facebook.

    Buffer instigated this idea with a guide based on how to write great headlines on blogs and social media.

    After a new article is published, use a tool like Tweriod to find out when your followers are active.

    When they are reported to be online, tweet 3 to 5 headlines using trackable links at those peak times. You need to be sure the headlines are different.

    Track the performance of each link. Then, put those headlines into an A/B testing service like Optimizely.

    Then you can track user responses to the headlines.

    Compare those responses to the responses you got from the same headlines on Twitter. Because you used 2 sources, you get clearer answers about which headline performs best.
  5. For more exposure, reach out to influencers

    These days it’s a lot easier to pitch your ideas to a person who has a large following. If they like what you share with them, they can certainly change your brand’s world with one tweet.

    The first step is to find out which influencers are out there in your niche.

    Take a look at the influencers you already interact with. They may have liked a few of your tweets, or you theirs.

    Check out their profiles.

    Is there a connection with them and your brand message? How many followers do they have?

    If you think they are a good fit, send them a message and ask if they will share your company in a tweet.

    Another way to get into influencer marketing on Twitter is by using a tool like Klout to find new influencers you don’t know about yet.

    influencer marketing on twitter - klout

    The tool can give you some insight into how influential certain people are online.

    Everyone who is active on social media receives a score between 1 and 100. The more influential the user, the higher the number.

    Top influencers like Barack Obama or Justin Bieber have scores of 99 and 92, making them 2 of the most influential social media users.

    It’s unlikely influencers in your niche will have scores that high, but you can certainly use the tool to get some comparisons.

    Generally, people with a Klout score of 63 or higher are in the top 5% of all users.

    Klout has a Chrome browser extension that lets you see everyone’s Klout score next to their name on Twitter.
  6. Harness the power of Twitter Ads

    If you are in need of a boost in engagement quickly, you can try out Twitter Ads. This is very useful if you don’t have a lot of followers yet.

    Twitter Ads tend to cost a little more than Facebook Ads, but they will boost engagement when you need it most. Promoted tweets are the best way to achieve this.

    twitter ads - promoted tweet

    Conversational ads are a close second.

    Conversational ads are designed to simply boost engagement and increase brand influence.

    They are similar to promoted tweets, except you’re allowed to add CTAs to encourage users to tweet hashtags that could build up your brand.

    conversational ads twitter

    When user clicks on their choice, a tweet composer opens with a brand message for users to customize and share.

    When the user tweets their selection, they receive a thank you message automatically.

    conversational twitter ad thank you

    Conversational ads are really good because you don’t only get more engagement on your post, your paid post will bring forth lots of organic posts directly linked to your brand.

The conversational ads feature is in beta, so it isn’t available by default. Twitter is advising users to send a direct message to @TwitterAdsHelp to request access.

If you’re still uncertain about Twitter and using it to promote your brand, here are 2 more interesting stats about Twitter users and how they engage with brands and business:

Additional Content:


History: Talk about being the right place at the right time! These guys  had the perfect app and released it at the perfect time. Inside 3 months months of releasing Instagram in the app store, they had broken through 1 million users.

Instagram Marketing Growth

The best thing for them was the growth was entirely organic. The app was so good that it dominated the app store most popular lists for months. It still does!

Apple had just unveiled the iPhone 4 when the app first came out. The quality of photos that could be taken on smartphones went up because of this iPhone and Instagram took off!

800 million users (and growing) later, the app works almost entirely the same. It’s designed to be used on a smartphone only, but because it’s such a hit, there are ways to post using a pc, albeit a little more complicated. People post pictures, tag friends, insert hashtags, and double tap to “like” what others share.

It made such an impact that Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, only 24 months after they started, for a whopping $1 billion.

In 2015, they rolled out the use of ads for everyone.

Context: Pictures. Instagram is and was always about images. Instagram has the highest engagement rate from all of the big networks.

To like something you just double tap on a picture when scrolling through your feed. It’s SO easy to like things on Instagram that people tend to do it more than on Twitter or Facebook.

Even though you can post 15-second videos, very few people do it successfully. People tend to like and comment more on pictures.

That being said, posting video on Instagram can work. Take Ms. Dash, for example. She does incredibly well with video on Instagram.

Her videos usually collect 3,000+ likes and hundreds of comments within a day after she posts them.

Because her content is SO good, she has collected just under 300,000 followers. Each one shows an entire recipe in 15 seconds.

The advice, however, is to focus entirely on pictures when starting a new account. Some categories that work well are:

  • Inspiring quotes
  • Questions in text form (they engage your followers)
  • Photos of items from luxury brands (like Louis Vuitton handbags, cars from Ferrari, Aston Martin, etc.)
  • Sparsely clothed women (who would have guessed?)

The important this is to make use of hashtags, give a call-to-action with each photo, and make sure that you’re using your bio right because it’s the only place where you can put a link (more on that later).

Influencer marketing is also something you can concentrate on with Instagram.

Influencer marketing on Instagram

It’s difficult to understand why Instagram seems to dominate influencer marketing.

Her we go with the “maybes”

Maybe it’s because the platform is so visual. Or maybe it’s because ad “overload” haven’t yet affected the user.

Of course, maybe it’s just that the influencers enjoy sporting their content more on Instagram than anywhere else!

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, Instagram is crushing it!

Instagram Engagement for social media marketing

Are you surprised that 65% of brands participate in influencer marketing.

Brands on Instagram

If you’re not surprised, you may want to join them.

The influencer trend on Instagram is very powerful should not be ignored, so don’t think you’re “giving in to the trend”, it’s probably something you actually NEED in your business.

Instagram Stories are stealing users from Snapchat

What is Instagram Stories? – It’s a feature that lets users create a coherent series of pictures, videos, or gifs.

And the feature went crazy as soon as Instagram created it.

Having been released in August 2016, in early 2017, the number of people using Instagram Stories sailed past the number of users on Snapchat, which is a similar platform.

Instagram stories

What this means is that if you’re going to use Instagram, then you need to create a Story of your own.

A great way to use this feature could be creating a Story showing users behind the scenes of your business or offers special deals.

How brands are using it today

Now we see just how good Instagram is, there is one important question to be asked:

How do brands use Instagram? What do they use it for?

Simple answer. Engagement!

Because Instagram is the best social media platform and beats Facebook and Twitter for engagement, brands love it!

Instagram Engagement Is Top

Even though the emphasis is on engagement, it doesn’t mean you can’t sell and market your products on Instagram.

The first priority HAS TO BE audience engagement.

It’s after that, and when people begin to love your brand, that they buy from you.

Golden  Instagram rule – engagement first!

Additional content:


History: YouTube was founded in 2005 by 3 guys who previously worked for Paypal. The site was formed for people to share videos online initially, where users could upload, share and view content. It grew quickly, and this led to Google (who had their own failing Video sharing platform) purchasing YouTube for $1.65 billion in November 2006.

social media marketing you tube

The amazing growth since has seen YouTube achieve 1 billion monthly users in fewer than ten years?

YouTube has revolutionised the way we consume video since. It’s fast and FREE and gives us the opportunity to express opinions using comments.

It’s hard to believe that one billion hours of video on YouTube every day. An incredible 114,000 years of time!

YouTube has helped with the development of entire industries and kickstarted thousands of careers.

Who would have thought ten years ago, that someone would make a living playing video games. It was unheard of!

Neil Patel shares these facts…

Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, is one of the biggest earners on the platform, having made 124 million dollars since 2010  (he’s super humble about it).

About 40 million people watch his every move with the joystick, and he has even released his own game.

Another, more business-related, example is Robo, a 3D printer startup. They were able to generate $4.8 million in revenue using video ads, including YouTube ads.

Thanks to YouTube, people can now build a nice, small business teaching things, sharing makeup tutorials, doing funny pranks, or sharing their athletic abilities (or lack thereof).

Video is a great way for marketers to share content with their audience. Blog posts can be formulated into video tutorials, for example. It’s also a great way to get to people who are not enthusiastic readers, but they will watch a video!

Neil Patel shares another great Pro Tip: “Use other social media channels as a gateway to drive your followers to YouTube by giving excerpts, snippets, and previews of your videos. The little, bite-sized teasers will spark curiosity and make people want to see the whole thing.”

Context: There are 2 ways to achieve success on YouTube. Teach or entertain.

You can make videos as long as you want to. There is no limit. YouTube will even allow you to publish entire courses in one, 3-hour video.

Whatever your brand, keep things congruent. If you want to be funny, you need to be funny everywhere! You may lose some credibility if you’re brand blog content is all about affiliate training and you post funny cat videos on YouTube. It doesn’t make sense! Stick to your theme and stay on topic!

There is no need to overcomplicate things. High quality recording gear and great editing potential is great, but it’s not needed. Just getting these videos done and giving some great training is probably a step ahead of your competitors. Get in front of the webcam, or use a screen sharing app and get teaching!

Nathan Barry says:

Teach everything you know.

The rise of Do It Yourself video

It’s possible for anyone to be a star on YouTube, and other social media platforms too.

Because YouTube is video based, you may need a little imagination, some videography and the right equipment, but it’s possible. Take a look around and you’ll find plenty of people and brands who are becoming real YT celebrities. ALL achieved with “do it yourself”.

Although she has been around for many years, Diane Hochman is the queen of “DIY”. She calls herself “the digital dingbat” and yet she uses everything at her disposal to make her videos. Smart phone, web cam, you name it!

Diane Hochman Social Media Marketing

If you have good light, a microphone and camera, you can start to use YouTube to help drive traffic and generate leads.

Your smartphone (or iPhone) will do if you don’t have anything else.

Production and editing

It’s a lot easier these days to produce and edit video. Many of the DIYers are taking over this too.

There are many editing and video creation tools out there.

You can spend lots of money on products like Camtasia studio or other similar tools.

To edit your own video content, you can certainly take a look at WeVideo. It’s easy to use and cloud based. There is a free version, but it’s very limited. There are affordable plans available though if you upgrade to a paid plan.

We video Editing

You can layer content, cut content, and even add new graphics with this simple to use platform. The great thing is, it won’t clutter up your PC because it’s cloud based.

Video advertising

You could consider using video ads on YouTube. This is what they look like.

You Tube Ads - Social Marketing

You Tube will allow viewers to skip an ad or be made to watch the whole thing depending on the type of ad you choose to use.

As with any kind of advertising, different methods work for different businesses.

Always be prepared to try different things. Be sure to A/B test to find out what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Focus and be determined to make it work. It may cost a little in time and money, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Additional content:


History: LinkedIn has been around longer than Facebook. It was founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman, one of the early members of PayPal.

Initially growth was slow. On some days, there were only 20 sign-ups.

LinkedIn’s growth never exploded like Facebook’s, but they have experienced steady growth 467 million members since they started (up to 2017).

They worked and focused hard on what worked well for them. They achieved some traction and success because of this. They paid a lot of attention to their home page, and this helped get 40% of their sign-ups.

That quickly increased to 50% within four months (around 13,000 more people per month). Getting email invitations to increase from 4% to 7% (around 19,000 more people per month) took 2 years.

LinkedIn Front Page - Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn had one really good thing going for it – being profitable pretty quickly. They had premium subscriptions and a paid job board along with a few other options. They were in fact making money after just 3 years of being in business.

There were some key turning points, for example, they allowed users to import contacts, they focused on the professional San Francisco tech scene. Then they got a hold of great services like SlideShare and Pulse and integrated them.

All these things helped them grow into a 7,600-person company that prompted Microsoft to purchase them for over $26 billion.

Context: On LinkedIn, it’s all about professionals. It’s known as the business network in many circles. It’s a fact that people tend to go to LinkedIn for just that – business!

LinkedIn gives them the opportunity to find out what’s new in their industry, who’s hiring, who’s firing, and how to improve their performance at work.

If there was to be a SlideShare presentation for example, it would be better to have that presentation from a business conference rather than how to bake the perfect cookie.

It’s important your content helps people to do business in a better way or expand their network. This is what LinkedIn is about. If your content is not focused in this way, it would be better for you to focus on other channels first.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are not too far away from Facebook Groups. If you’re familiar with Facebook groups, then there isn’t much to think about.

The one difference is that LinkedIn groups are focused purely on business people.

These groups are where business people go to discuss topics of interest and build up their expertise.

LinkedIn Groups Marketing

It may be a good idea to join a relevant group to establish yourself as an expert on certain topics.

Based on your knowledge and value, the more people that believe you know what you’re talking about, the more people will want to work with you.

This is a good way to make connections and grow your audience.

LinkedIn Advertising

As with other social media platforms, you can also place ads on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn may be the best place to place ads, especially if you’re seen to be in the B2B category.

LinkedIn is, in fact, seen my many marketers as the most effective social media platform for B2B companies.

LinkedIn Most effective B2B social media marketing

LinkedIN Content marketing

What’s more, LinkedIn the top platform for lead generation by a long way.

LinkedIn lead generation marketing

People on LinkedIn are usually there to talk business, so, they will also interact with business too.

Find the right strategy for you and your business and you could get some great results using this platform.

Advertisements might just be right option for you.

Additional content:


History: Reddit has a bold slogan. They claim to be “front page of the Internet.” They have 250 million unique monthly users, so it may not be wise to argue with them.

Reddit is yet another college-originated social media platform. What makes it special is that it focuses entirely on community benefit. There is little tolerance on Reddit with “spam”. They hate inordinate linking or promotional links on boards (or subreddits).

If, however, Redditors like what they see, they can easily drive enough traffic to your site to crash it. Don’t ever take a Reddit traffic storm lightly.

There are 2 key things that helped Reddit reach their present popularity. Which are AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and their voting feature.

Posts, links and comments can be up or down voted by users. This way the most popular and helpful submissions show up on top.

Reddit rewards (or punishes) accounts with karma, which is displayed separately for links and text posts. The new Reddit shows an overall score for Karma, but this is still based on the link and comment karma respectively. The better your karma, the better your reach.

You will see this on a user’s feed:

Reddit User Feed. Social Media Marketing

And on their “overview” Page in the top right corner is the Karma Scores:

Karma on Reddit

With this kind of rating system, it’s quite normal to find great content without searching around for a long time. You can see what’s popular quickly and easily.

What helped Reddit to really take of was when celebrities started doing AMAs. During these AMAs, Celebrities hang around on the platform for a while and answer user questions live.

People who have done AMA’s include Barack ObamaArnold SchwarzeneggerTim FerrissDavid Copperfield, and even Bill Gates.

Bill Gates Reddit AMA

A Reddit requirement is that people to post proof that they’re doing an AMA.

Context: Reddit is a tough nut to crack. If you use it to simply distribute and share content, you will be quickly removed or suspended.

Remember, it’s a community and is treated as such. You need to be present, communicative and ready to give value before you can ask for anything.

You can build up your karma by submitting funny and helpful links for a while, then start to refer back to your content. It’s important to do this where relevant and appropriate. Any links need to be just a “side” of the content and not the entire basis of the content.

When used correctly, Reddit can help to bring in sales. An example of this is e-commerce brand Findlay, that  generated $28,000 in sales using Reddit.

Reddit marketing is not a good idea

Reddit hates marketers most of the time.

It’s not always the fault of marketers.

Reddit users don’t like people being too blatant in marketing, and they don’t like “pushiness” either!

It’s not an easy place to be for marketers and some top businesses have made big mistakes on Reddit.

The CEO of a large outdoor gear retail chain started an AMA on Reddit, wanting to generate brand awareness.

This is what he experienced.

Reddit AMA content answer

And another reply…

Reddit marketing disaster

Oops! Not a good day for sure.

What this actually tells us is you have to take care with what you post on Reddit.

The most important thing with Reddit is to understand the audience and research reactions etc before you even TRY advertising and marketing. The benefits of this research will serve you well, because when you do understand Redditors, it’s an enormous potential marketplace for you.

Reddit ads

You may think it’s going to be too hard to get an organic following on Reddit. With this in mind, you could consider posting some ads instead.

But you need to ask yourself if Reddit is a good place for your ads.

Because businesses can sometimes get hurt, this could lead to you ads going south, so do the necessary research before you get into it.

What are the demographics to take note of?

Reddit users are primarily males under 30. Content that is too salesy is shunned and ignored or “put to the sword”.

Reddit Social Media Marketing Not Good

So, consider if your business a fit for Reddit.

If you think so, create an ad and see how it performs.

Reddit Marketing ads

Monitor it carefully. You don’t want users to bombard you with hateful comments that hurts your brand image before you’re able to respond.

Be ready for anything if you do run some ads, and be ready to respond.

It’s not all negative, because if you get through this “heat”, the potential is pretty HOT in itself!

Additional content:


History: What to say about Snapchat?

The app has been around since September 2011. There is some disagreement between sources, but it’s reported to be worth around $33 billion.

Personally, I think snapchat is a platform you either “get” or don’t get. I’m not sure myself, but it seems a lot of people are.

Snapchat has 178 million daily active users. The majority are girls (about 70%), but boys who share on the platform have one thing in common: They’re young.

71% of the users are under 34. The spam, hacks and naked selfie scandals may distract the average adult from the fact that Snapchat is a serious network for marketers.

Context: Snapchat is a good place to be if your products target 14-year-old girls. Because of its makeup, it’s easy to get things wrong on there.

All images and videos disappear after 10 seconds max, this suggests that all content on the platform is fleeting and short-lived.

Of course, that means you should present content around that kind of theme.

A good example would be to give your audience access to a live event. Take some snaps when you’re at the conference and “strutting your stuff” on stage and share them with your followers.

Live event on Snapchat

Show them footage from “behind the scenes”. Let them into your world by letting them see your end of week Friday party time, or even show what you do when you get home.

Show your practice delivery of your speech, how you messed something up, or the cool transport that was laid on for you to get to the venue.

Snapchat is all about sharing “precious moments” that only come along sometimes, so make sure that you share it.

B2B marketing on Snapchat

Can you market your B2B company on Snapchat?

There are those who think not because of the young average age and the number of teenagers and younger that use it.

Don’t get drawn in by that one statistic. Snapchat is finding its place in the digital world, and older people are now flocking to the platform too.

One entrepreneur in particular uses Snapchat to regularly give advice to other entrepreneurs.

Snapchat social media marketing

HubSpot uses Snapchat to increase and establish their brand’s personality.

snapchat marketing

DocuSign used it to interact with people during a conference.

social media marketing on Snapchat

You can definitely use Snapchat to market your B2B company.

Snapchat requires a little more creativity than other platforms. You need to remember that users can only view your images and videos once.

This should help you work out the best type of content to post. Also, restriction can sometimes be a good thing!


Because all content is temporary, so people might be more inclined to view your snaps while they can and pay more attention to it.

After they see it, it goes away.

Additional content:


History: Pinterest had a closed launch in 2010 and 2012. To get onto this platform, you needed to be invited. It’s been open to the public since 2012 and one positive thing with Pinterest is the high quality of the leads you may get.

After several rounds of funding, Pinterest has increased its value to around $11 billion. However, Pinterest is not yet making serious money, except for a few ads for famous brands. But, one thing is evident – Pinterest is certainly one of the top 10 most influential social networks.

Pinterest is renowned for being number one for marketers wanting to target women. 81% of their 150 million monthly active users are female. The genre of post on Pinterest is predominantly images. It’s a little like your digital scrapbook.

Check out one of the most popular boards on Pinterest.

Popular Pinterest Board

Context: It’s important to consider the audience on Pinterest. Never (and that means NEVER) forget that 81% of the Pinterest users are women. They collect, they curate, and they share. Topics that do very well are decorations, interior design, cooking and clothing.

Because of the way pin boards are compiled, images tend to look best when displayed vertically. You will need to get your images specially formatted to look good.

Pinterest and Influencer marketing

If Instagram is the King of influencer marketing, then Pinterest is the “Queen”.

On Pinterest marketers can do their thing in whatever niche they want to. Because of this, influencers flock there like insects gather around a light bulb.

That make it really a good for your business.

Because you’re a marketer working in a specific niche, you can use those influencers to advertise your product to their audience.

It takes a lot of time to build your audience. And, as a busy business person, you are unlikely to have that time readily available.

It’s a good idea to take full advantage of influencer marketing.

Take a look at this Pinterest account that puts out recipes. It has almost four million followers, which indicates how popular it is.

Pinterest social media marketing

Here’s another influencer who posts everything from recipes to decorations and fashion.

pinterest influencer marketing

The BEST thing?

Because there’s a niche for everything on Pinterest, which means that there’s an influencer for everything.

If you want to market clothing or tiny toy dogs or Harry Potter attire, there is a board for that too!

Ads and buyable pins

Not everyone wants to go trawling through content and the hassle of finding, talking with, and hiring influencers.

In that case, it may be more useful to run advertisements on the platform and get on with other things in your business.

Again, consider your audience (women in the most part).

For some that’s a good thing. For others, not so good.

Pinterest is a great place to get people to buy your products. Is that because of the “gender leaning” properties in this unique social network? Who knows?

93% of users use Pinterest to plan their purchases, and 96% use it to find out more information about a product.

pinterest Marketing

Another great feature is that ads seamlessly fit into pin boards.

Here’s an ad you probably wouldn’t notice if it wasn’t highlighted.

So, if you have a product targeted to women that’s highly visual and you don’t want to deal with influencers, then Pinterest ads could be the solution.

Set a few up and see how it goes.

Additional content:


History: Tumblr was founded in 2007 by David Karp. In November 2017, it was reported to power more than 375 million blogs.

Tumblr is big in some industries and unnoticed by others. It’s a kind of “hybrid” of a blog, Instagram, and Twitter.

It’s what is known as a microblogging platform.

Primarily useful for curating images, Tumblr users can easily “reblog” and like these images. A little like retweets and favourites.

Popular celebrities like Lady Gaga enjoy great exposure on Tumblr.

Ariana Grande’s Tumblr is popular as well.

social media marketing tumblr

Some entrepreneurs have taken advantage of Tumblr and launched profitable businesses with it.

By 2011, Tumblr had collected around $125 million through funding, 1/10th of the $1 billion Yahoo paid for Tumblr in 2013.

The site now makes money through advertising and users create over 30 million posts every day.

Context: The endless scroll feature (meaning the page is seemingly endless) makes Tumblr really good for images. Because it’s a very visual medium, designers and photographers ten to use it to display their portfolios.

Fashion brands and bloggers can use it to curate content effortlessly.

GIFs. The animated, moving images that are something between photographs and videos and extremely popular on Tumblr. It is, in fact, the number 1 place online for this style of image.

For photos, many go to Instagram. Videos don’t work so well because stopping to play the video, pause or stop it and move on interrupts the “flow” on the page. Because GIFs are a “hybrid” of photo and video, they are a great fit for Tumblr.

Funny memes, animated clips, and short video excerpts are ideal for the endless scroll feature.

If your business is based around visual items such as fashion, design, photography or something else relevant, It’s a good idea to seriously look at Tumblr.

Tumblr audience

The audience on Tumblr is somewhat different to any other social media site.

The people on Tumblr like to have fun.

Just see how many funny comics, memes and gifs are shared there.

Tumblr users aren’t particularly marketer friendly. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t market there. You just need to be more creative when you do.

People spend more time on Tumblr than other social networks.

Tumblr marketing time

Meaning your posts and advertisements have a better chance of more people seeing them.

Most Tumblr users are young. Somewhere between 18 and 34 years old. Remember this when setting up your marketing campaign for Tumblr.

Tumblr Marketing age range

Also, it’s important to remember they LOVE to be entertained!

Because users are not looking for products or hear about your brand, it’s a good idea to find a way to incorporate your product into something fun!

This is a great example of a company that realised this and did well with their product, the Holy Meme Bible.

Holy Meme Bible Tumblr Marketing

They noticed that Tumblr users love memes and they may respond well to their product.

They went “full on” marketing their Meme Bible on Tumblr.

The result?

In just 3 weeks they made over $200,000.

If your product could be a good “fit” for Tumblr users, you should do yourself a great favour and get into it!

Additional content:


History: Medium was initially launched in 2012 as a closed beta platform by one of the co-founders of Twitter, Ev Williams. It’s a site with a very sleek and simple design, which is seen as a reason for its success.

As another blogging platform, it’s possible that many would think we already have enough of these platforms. Medium must be doing something right because, within five years, It’s grown into one of the largest blogging sites around with an Alexa ranking of 328.

The user experience is delightfully easy. The interface is similar to some apps, like Hemingway. So simple, in fact, that users can publish directly instead of copying the created content to their blog.

Williams created Blogger, which was sold to Google, before he founded Medium.  He seems to have a knack for this kind of platform.

Medium can be a way to build an entire audience without creating your own website because of the number of big publications on there.

Better Humans is a great one.

Social Media Marketing on Medium

The prevalent topics are design, startups, marketing, and social or political matters. 

Context: As a blog platform, Medium does well with long-form content.

Medium shows the estimated reading time for each post at the top, so posts should not be TOO long.

Medium blog reading time

People don’t generally like to spend a long time reading posts, so if your posts takes 20 minutes, most won’t read it.

Break up your longer posts into a series of shorter ones. It appears that 7-minute posts do best.

Ali Mese has done remarkably well on Medium. He has created a large audience from scratch by having several posts go viral.

Content Marketing Medium

If you already have a big following, you could get your articles to the top too. This is because posts most recommended by users end up in featured stories where most will see them.

You can get your article to the front page by getting as few as 50-100 recommends within an hour or two.

The big authority sites like Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur often pick up content that has done well on Medium. That means more exposure.

Medium audience

Medium received nearly 150 million visits in December 2017. The majority of that traffic (nearly 26%) was from the United States.

Social Media Platform Medium Audience

A great potential to get yourself and your business in front of new prospects. The majority of visitors to the site are reported to be men with an above-average education.

Medium marketing targets

This means that Medium is probably not right for you if your product or service is in a niche that includes cooking recipes or if you love to post cat videos.

Medium is better for content that is tailored to the business person and is more professional in nature. Like a blogging version of LinkedIn. The most popular tag in 2016 was politics for example

No, I’m not saying you have to post political content, but politics and business are closer in context than politics and arts and crafts.

Marketing and Entrepreneurship section on Medium has 146,000 followers. This certainly tells us something!

Followers on Medium

Because this is a more niche-specific section, you may not attract the numbers of people you may on Facebook or the larger social networking sites.

The following is a lot narrower, so you may find the opportunity to be MORE TARGETED. Because of this, you could find the best kind of person for you and your business.

So, should you use Medium?

If your content is based on the interests of the users, then you could gain a lot from posting on Medium. If, however, your content is more appealing to a mostly female audience, go do your thing on Pinterest instead.

Marketing content on Medium

If your content is relevant to Medium users, using the platform for marketing is an easy decision.

With this in mind, getting more benefits for your business using Medium won’t require too much effort.

Take blog posts that you’ve written already and repost them on Medium. You still own the rights to your content on Medium, so you can do what you like with it.

The best thing is it’s easy to get more eyes on your content.

Dave Schools achieves a lot of success on the blogging platform.

Medium marketing dave

Help Scout also reposts their existing blog content.

Help Scout Medium Share

Larry Kim does this too.

Larry Kim Share on Medium

Medium can be used to easily get your content in front of new eyes, and it won’t mean any extra work, so what do you have to lose?

Simply copy and paste content from your website into a new Medium post and it’s seen by new potential contacts or leads.

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History: Quora is the brainchild of 2 former Facebook employees who created it in 2009 and made it public in 2010. It’s all based on Q&A, which had not previously been tapped into in a big way.

How right they were to base it on Q&A. They have only had a pretty low (in comparison with other platforms of course) $80 million in funding, but Quora has grown to over 190 million users in 8 years (according to statistics for that period).

The most popular questions set by users can be re-asked by other users. The users “upvote” answers to be sure that the best quality answers show up on top.

There are those who have built entire platforms answering questions on Quora, and some answers boast a couple of million views.

Social Media Marketing and views on Quora

Quora started implementing ads in the middle of 2016, which started attracting marketers from everywhere in the digital world.

Context: Quora is all about ONE thing – QUESTIONS! The way to get the best out of using Quora is to give quality answers to questions that have been re-asked several times.

Because of voting system, the best answers show up on top. They can stay there for a long time too.

Always look to give long term reaching answers, in other words, answers that will remain valid for a long time ahead.

Some of popular Quora answers are from years ago.

Quora content marketing quality

If you use Quora to inspire you and your content creation, you can benefit even more. If you were to find a question you can provide a detailed answer in a blog post for example, you not only get a great post for your blog, you can republish it as an answer to that question.

This helps you build a reputation as an expert in your field. When a person likes your answer, they will often check out other answers that you’ve given.

Quora and content marketing

Quora is good for establishing yourself as an expert in your niche.

There are 2 ways this can happen.

On or off Quora!

This is because the Q&A format is so helpful in the process of finding content ideas.

Let’s expand a little:
First of all, you’re able answer questions from people in your target market. An example – you’re a digital marketer and your goal is to establish yourself as an expert in this area.

Simply go to Quora and answer questions like these.

answer questions on quora

If your answer resonates with people and it proves to be really great, they will upvote it. This makes it win in the Quora SEO system.

If you want more, or just want to find great ideas for your content, then Quora is a great place to go!

People have questions. Lots of them! So, if there is a place to find those questions without it getting too tedious, would you use it?

That where Quora makes it easy.

Go to Quora and type in your niche. Sift through questions people are asking.

quora search results. Social marketing

Take these questions and answer them in a blog post. Bingo! You have Content! You can develop your whole site around these questions and give great value in the process.

The best thing? Your audience WANTS this type of content!

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History: Periscope is a live streaming app that arrived in 2014. To keep up with the ongoing trend of providing more life experiences, you can get on camera and talk to your audience. Those watching are able to interact with comments and ask questions.

The whole idea of Periscope came when the founders were traveling around Istanbul in Turkey. This was at the time there were protests, which they could read about on Twitter, but couldn’t look at them live.

They raised $1.5 million in funding, but Twitter bought the app before it even launched. It cost them something between $50 million and $100 million.

With Twitter now in charge, the launch was a lot much easier, helping the app reach an amazing 10 million users in just 4 months!

Other competitors that launched around the time were Meerkat and Blab (for group chats). Neither is around today.

Users on Periscope are currently between 16 and 24 years old, about two-thirds of which are male.

periscope marketing users

Context: Periscope is always a live event, so it makes sense to take fans to a special event in your life (similar to the behind the scenes videos on Snapchat) or make the Periscope event something really worth attending.

You can do that by giving things away to commenters. You can also present solutions to specific problems your audience has, or do a Q&A.

The event has to be promoted before you present it to get live attendees. You need a great headline to entice people into joining your event by clicking through.

You can make sure that you get the first few live viewers in by using relevant hashtags, tweeting it out a couple of times before you go live. You can even promote it on other channels.

All viewers can share it with their followers to get more people in.

Marketing on Periscope

Periscope is effective for building brand awareness and image.

Doing both of those things is often difficult.

You may try to engage your audience while building a cohesive brand image around your business. This is not always effective.

Using video content on Periscope, it’s possible to create videos that express what your business does, why it’s so good, and why people should work with you.

Even GE does this on Periscope with a drone video of their facilities.

Adidas does a similar thing by showing an influencer signing a contract with them.

social media marketing - periscope

You can strengthen your brand image by showing behind the scenes footage of your business.

It will be appreciated, and they may even buy from you because they resonate with you and trust you.

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Phew! That was a marathon wasn’t it?

Maybe so, but you are now armed with an overview of the 12 most important social media platforms.

According to Wikipedia, there are over 200 of them, so just a small section of the whole picture. There are more coming because of the success of these 12.

It’s important you start with at least ONE of the main ones. Find out what is the best fit and stick to it!

Find where your potential audience hangs out and go join them! The get ACTIVE!!!

You should now have enough information to make a decision in your direction and the best network for you to market on. You know the context of each platform and have some ideas on what the best content will be for you to use.

Go out there and CRUSH IT!!!!

Good luck with everything you do