Make Money From Website Traffic

When it comes to online marketing, there are 2 important things we need; website traffic and conversions of that traffic into sales. So, you have found great ways to get the traffic, but how are you going to convert that traffic into leads and sales? How do you make money from website traffic?

Make money from internet traffic

Getting Website Traffic Can Be The Hardest Thing To Achieve.


In the internet marketing space, getting traffic is one of the hardest things to do. You have a wonderful product or service that you think more people deserve to see. You know that if you get more people to see what you have to offer, you can easily make more sales.

If you compare your website to “prime real estate”, where everyone’s walking by then you will see good progress and growth in your business. But even when you manage to get traffic from great sources such as YouTube videos on your channel, getting views is not enough/ You need to convert that traffic into real business through sales and generating revenue.

I was in that situation not that long ago. Visitors and stats were looking good, but I wasn’t making money from website traffic!

I asked myself if it was a lack of value or something like that? So, I asked some friends to review what they were seeing and I was a little shocked by the simplicity of what I was actually NOT doing rather what I WAS doing.

An Example Of How To Make Money From Website Traffic…

I will go with a simple example here: I heard of a guy called Derek Muller, who shares the principles of science on his channel, Veritasium. Some examples of the content he shares and teaches about are: “Why does this physics principle work? Or how does that work? How do you do this?”

He has over a million subscribers to his channel. He has consistently put out content, which is something I also needed to do. The main difference between him and me was that he was principally a You Tuber first, where I was an online business owner first and You Tuber second. Yet, he was getting all the views and subscribers that I have been looking for.

After he posted a new video, it would quite quickly reach a million views. Pretty impressive, yes?. What if he had a business and something of value to sell? It would not really matter if it was a science event or a product created around his expertise.

After just a couple of years he did launch a product called Snatoms. He had an original funding goal of $42,000 according to Kickstarter, where he first launched the product. He posted a video about it on his YouTube channel and reached his goal within 2 hours. Within 5 weeks of the campaign starting, he raised over 1/2 million dollars.

He had the following, the right traffic for his offer all along. All he had to do was create the product.

That’s one way you can make money from website traffic. Sell your audience something they are interested in.

There is another way – advertising! You can make money on YouTube because they will show people ads relevant to their interests.  YouTube will pay you 55% of that revenue, similar to Google Adsense program. It doesn’t have to be on YouTube. You can do that on your own website.

Some influential people use this tactic. How do they do it you may ask? Let’s say the person has a huge following on their Facebook page. They could post useful “how to” videos on that page. They could then post those same videos on their blog, where there is even more traffic viewing them.  Because there is so much traffic, ad companies will pay a lot to get exposure to those people visiting the blog.

With this in mind, you can get a piece of this when you have a good following that visit your blog or You Tube channel because you will be in demand.

On YouTube, you need millions of views to be paid thousands of dollars. It can take a few years to get to the point where it will be a significant amount.

There is a huge opportunity on YouTube if you are an expert. For example, if you’re a coach or speaker or mentor, you have expertise. That’s how you make money. People buy your expertise. YouTube is the perfect place for you.

Here are 2 reasons why YouTube is so powerful:

  1. You Tube is an amazing search engine. Being owned by google it’s only to be expected, right? If you search for videos on Facebook for example, it’s a nightmare! You may never find it! You Tube is much different. It’s stunning how easy it is to find what you want on You Tube.
    How is this relevant to you? If you have good titles and descriptions and well optimized videos, and because you’re seen as an expert, your videos can be found in the search.
    All over the world people are asking questions. If you have the answer and your video is well structured and optimized, your video comes up in the search. The person may not know you, but they soon will if you have the right message for them.
  2. The YouTube partner program. The partner program is where you have the opportunity to partner with YouTube and they share the ad revenue with you. Isn’t that great? But there’s a bigger benefit to that partner program.
    If, for example, I make a video makes YouTube money, they will extensively promote that video. I don’t pay YouTube for that promotion, they pay me half of that ad
    Let’s say the video just got millions of views. Can you see where this is going?
    It’s quite normal for such a video to bring in subscribers, helping the channel grow, which then elevates other videos.
    So, if I can make a video that helps You tube to make money, they see my video as a good way to generate ad income. Because of this and the benefits of the partnership program, they will promote that video.

make money on the internetYou Tube is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. Getting traffic to your Tube videos is often easier than getting traffic to a website. Get people to You Tube and increase your subscribers. Attract people in by asking questions. Use a survey that you can share on Social media. Then direct people to your video. The more traffic you get, the better the chance that You Tube will let you into the partner program and, with the right offer or service, everyone wins.

How do you find the right questions to answer? If you can’t just make these questions up, you need to do keyword research and search for questions that people are asking. You can go to a site like where there are thousands of questions. Also, in the Google search results there are often lists of frequently asked questions based on the search that is being made.

Answer lots of questions and you may be able to put together a video course. Yet another way you can make money from your You Tube and website traffic.

Share your videos on your website or blog. You can use the power of You Tube to get more visits to your blog too. Be sure to include a link in your You Tube description. People will want to find out more about you, so take advantage of it.

There are many ways to get traffic. There is “free” traffic (free of money but takes up your time) and paid traffic. Whichever way you choose, you need to find the best ways for you. Education is important and learning these skills is important. I recommend a course and opportunity for you to partner with great professionals to learn and earn. Traffic is essential but knowing how to get conversions is how you make money from website traffic. Find out more here.